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Liberals conveniently overlook the in-fighting among blacks Americans


Radio host Tommy Sotomayor joins Tomi Lahren to discuss diversity of thought and the labels that are often applied to the black community. Tommy talks about sitting down to give an interview and being asked a pair of controversial questions before Tariq Nasheed "broke into the room with a camera and a so-called 'coon train' in his hand."

Tomi responds that liberals engage in this activity to discredit Tommy and keep him from speaking his mind because they can't or won't engage his words or worldview.

"Nobody wants to talk about the in-fighting among blacks, the color-ism that blacks do, the so called white supremacy that white people do," Tommy explains. "Guess what, I've never had a white person call me crispy, blackie, smoke or any other titles that I've heard ever since I was small coming from people like Tariq Nasheed."

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