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Liberals fail to recognize the role of socialism in Venezuela's downfall

Pat and Stu

Monday on "Pat & Stu," the guys responded to a New York Times article which drew parallels between Venezuela's rise and fall under socialist President Hugo Chávez and President Donald Trump's rise to power in the 2016 presidential election.

Stu Burguiere agreed that similarities exist between Trump and the departed Venezuelan president but that those linkages are stronger between Chávez and the leaders of today's Democratic Party, including Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

"We're talking about policy after policy after policy that are identical [to Chavez']," Stu said. "The only reason they're not identical is because Republicans have stopped them from going that far. And yet never was there real criticism of that policy-wise."

He also blasted far-left leaders for making up excuses each time socialist governments fail, blaming poor leadership or outside interference for the system's failure rather than recognizing that the socialist philosophy is inherently flawed:

"There's always little side effects to socialism that they will blame the effects of actual socialism on. They'll always say it's something else. 'Well, you know, Soviet Russia, they were corrupt.' There's always some excuse as to why their little philosophy isn't paying off this time. Even though there's no examples of it actually paying off for anyone ever. Which is kind of a problem when your philosophy gives no examples [of success]."

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