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Loss may convince far-right candidate to not seek the French presidency again

Dana Loesch

The French people have voted for change, sending mavericks Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen into the runoff in their presidential election. The final vote will take place May 7th. On Monday's "Dana," National Review’s Tom Rogan talked to Dana Loesch about far-right candidate Le Pen, who garnered 2.7% less votes than Macron.

Dana asked Rogan if he believes Le Pen, who has stepped down as the head of the National Front party, would not seek the French presidency in future if she loses this election. He believed she would not, as she is 30 points behind Macron in current polls.

Barring a late April/early May surprise, spurred by a Russian information release or another "catastrophic terrorist attack," Rogan does not believe Le Pen will win. Even the latter might not help her secure the presidency, as she did not receive a boost in appeal from the recent shooting attack in Paris despite her tough-on-terrorism stance.

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