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Maybe we should just castrate men – then everyone will be happy


'Toxic masculinity’ course seeks to ‘undo years of socialization in toxic masculinity.’

Men’s rehabilitation classes are a thing now.

Rethink Masculinity is a pilot program that has partnered with Collective Action for Safe Spaces, ReThink, and the DC Rape Crisis Center whose goal is to teach men to unlearn masculinity.

The group focuses on rehabilitating men and the “socially constructed” ideas of how males and females interact with each other in a two-month long class that takes place 3-4 hours once a week.

According to Stephen Hicks, a course participant who shared his experience with The CUT, “It was eight weeks of guys discussing how they can address their actions with better self-awareness and less toxicity.” He shared that “the group discusses, emotional labor, consent, violence, communication, empathy, and vulnerability.”

According to the associate chair of the psychology department at Portland State University and head of the Gender and Violence Intervention Research Team, “toxic masculinity” has four components:

  • "Suppression of anything stereotypically feminine;"
  • "Suppression of emotions related to vulnerability, like fear, sadness, or helplessness;"
  • "Male domination over women and other men;"
  • "And aggression."

Read the full article here for yourself.

Pat suggested we castrate men to make everyone chipper. Listen to Pat's entire thoughts on the matter here.

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