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Media WRONG on Pulse narrative: Terrorist wanted to attack Disney, was deterred by armed guards


What happened? 

Prosecutors have revealed some key new details about the Pulse nightclub mass murder in Orlando in 2016.

The killer was originally planning to attack Disney World; video shown in court captured him walking in the Disney Springs complex shortly before the Pulse killings. He apparently noticed police officers at the complex and instead chose to find a target without armed security.

Remind me: 

In June 2016, 49 people were killed and 58 more wounded in a terrorist attack inside the gay nightclub Pulse. Reports at the time said that the killer was repressing his sexual orientation and purposely selected a gay nightclub for a hate crime against the LGBT community. Based on what we know now, Pulse was his third choice for a target.

Glenn's take: 

The Pulse nightclub mass murder was spun as a hate crime against gay people instead of what it was ... an attack by a radicalized Islamic terrorist. Mateen was prevented from attacking people at Disney World because of the armed guards. Why can't we learn from this story instead of continually debating guns?

"Good guys with a gun stopped a terror attack on Disney that night," Glenn said. "Imagine if Disney had been marked a 'gun-free zone.' ... The killer was looking for the softest target with a lot of people."

UPDATE: Wording in this article has been changed to reflect TheBlaze's new editorial policy on mass murders.

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