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Meet the robot helping to prevent sports injuries

Pat and Stu

Are robotics the future of football practice?

Kevin McLeod of Roger's Athletic Company came by the studio for Thursday’s “Pat & Stu” to introduce the MVP Drive Robotic Tackling Dummy. The new robot is touted as the first self-righting, remote-controlled tackling dummy in the world.

The padded dummy is designed to let players practice tackling against a moving target. Injuries are more likely to occur in practice, but a robot complete with a remote control and padding will let players practice more safely.

McLeod brought in a robot so Pat Gray and Jeffy Fisher could take a turn with it. The dummy works because it “mimics human behavior,” McLeod explained.

The robotic dummy gives players a real chance to practice safely because they don’t know what it’s going to do, McLeod asserted. “The key to this product ultimately is that you don’t know, there’s no visible clues of what this thing is going to do.”

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