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Megyn Kelly's epic clap back at Jane Fonda is utterly savage -- 'I have no regrets


As you may recall, Megyn Kelly's transition from Fox News to NBC has been anything but smooth for the former lawyer turned journalist. Reports surfaced that staff at "Today" weren't all that thrilled about the idea of Megyn joining their team.

Many of her so-called "colleagues" have taken jabs at Megyn openly, and one staffer was even fired for claiming the environment was "toxic and demeaning" for lower level staff.

Deborah Messing, who appeared on "Megyn Kelly Today" for a  "Will and Grace" reboot, also badmouthed the host after her appearance on "Today" when a fan asked Messing a question about the interview on Instagram in which Messing replied she was "dismayed" and regretted the appearance.

In another interview between Megyn and Jane Fonda, Fonda purposely attempted to make Megyn look like a fool during an interview in which Megyn praised her for her looks but brought up plastic surgery. A topic Fonda has never shied away from, but suddenly was off limits for Megyn.

Fonda later went on to criticize Megyn for the interview to anyone who would listen.

Finally, on Monday's episode of "Megyn Kelly Today," Megyn addressed the malice perpetrated by Fonda following the interview in a scathing monologue which reduced Fonda to a mere hypocrite fixated on the faux sanctimonious causes championed by the 80-year-old.

Megyn also reminded viewers of Fonda's anti-military past calling her by her nickname "Hanoi Jane," which refers to Fonda's betrayal of America's military.

"Honestly, she has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive,” said Megyn.

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