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Liberals are picking on Megyn Kelly because she worked at Fox News, so much for 'inclusiveness


Jane Fonda got a bit testy with the host on "Megyn Kelly Today." Can't liberals cut Megyn Kelly some slack? You see, when a conservative or independent steps foot in their "safe space," their knee-jerk reaction reveals their true selves: smug you know whats.

Same thing with Debra Messing. The "Will & Grace" actress claimed she was "dismayed" with Kelly's interview and "regretted" doing the show after a playful comment Kelly made to fan made her critics cringe.

Kelly is clearly playing the NBC leftie game, which is agonizing to watch because she's a killer host and lawyer. We guess her "privilege points" just aren't adding up for progressives.

Where're the "feminists" when you need them? Crickets. Check out Pat discuss why he thinks NBC lefties are giving Kelly such a hard time.

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