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More millennials are embracing socialism, even communism -- here's what they need to know

More millennials are embracing socialism, even communism -- here's what they need to know

At a time when progressive thinkers dominate the academic arena and most schools’ curricula are sadly lacking in historical accuracy, more and more millennials (now the largest generation of voters in America) are becoming attracted to the lure -- and lore -- of socialism. Some are even taking their search for a viable political alternative to the extreme of considering communism.

"Today our kids are being taught that communism is kinda neat, it just has to be run by the right people ... It's praised now by college students, professors, celebrities, activists," said Glenn Beck on the show today. "But most of them don't even know what it is."

Documentary director, Edvins Snore, joined Glenn via satellite from Latvia to shed some light on the history of communism in the Soviet Union.

Blaze subscribers will be able to watch Edvins' jaw-dropping documentary, "The Soviet Story" tonight, June 14th at 7 p.m. EST. Please be warned, the documentary contains graphic historical content.

Addressing the fact that most Americans are far more familiar with the atrocities of Hitler than they are with Stalin's ruthless regime, which resulted in up to 60 million deaths, Glenn asked Edvins to explain any similarities between the Nazis and the Soviet Union.

"They are brothers, because they are both socialists. That is a very important thing, that both Nazis and Communists are socialists," answered Edvins. "Both believed that capitalism as a system was finished and they wanted to create new societies -- and create new societies by eliminating certain groups within society which they considered to be parasites."

Watch the video above to hear more of the conversation.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT IN VIDEO ABOVE. May not be suitable for young children.

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