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Mother of a deceased soldier vies for changes in how military handles AWOL

Dana Loesch

The mother of a deceased soldier appeared on Dana to push for changes around how law enforcement and military handle missing veterans.

Military officials accused Patrice Wise's son of going AWOL when he didn't show up for duty Oct. 10, but after nearly a month-long search, she said she was told her son had died in a horrible accident — and was on base the entire time. They didn't provide details.

After she said she faced tremendous challenges, even "extreme resistance," trying to get information about search operations, she wrote a petition of eight suggested policy changes that "will in turn allow not only Law Enforcement and Military Officials the tools to better locate these individuals, but will help the families and any veterans organizations to assist as well."

It includes the hope of a  'Warrior Alert,' similar to a missing child AMBER Alert, that tells Americans when a nearby soldier goes missing.


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