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Navy SEAL who took down bin Laden tells his story

Glenn Beck

Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill shared his incredible story of the mission resulting in Osama bin Laden’s death on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

The SEALs sent on the mission knew they probably wouldn’t come out alive, but they were willing to make the sacrifice to eliminate someone who planned the murder of innocent Americans, O’Neill asserted.

“I knew it was a one-way mission, and most of the guys there did too, but we accepted it,” he said.

The men thought bin Laden would likely use an explosive to blow up the building. “We’re gonna die eventually, and we might as well get this guy for everybody else,” O’Neill explained their reasoning.

According to the SEAL, bin Laden attempted to use one of his wives to shield him from being shot. O’Neill shot him in the head when he didn’t surrender and was horrified to see bin Laden’s 3-year-old son in the room, viewing the whole thing, O’Neill described.

Afterward, a fellow SEAL asked O’Neill if he was OK. O’Neill described his strange feeling after completing such a vital mission. “’You just killed Bin Ladin, so your life just changed,’” O'Neill remembered the fellow SEAL telling him.

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