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NBC contributor links Christianity to white supremacy in Easter op-ed


What happened?

NBC News decided to mark Easter Sunday with an opinion piece reminding Christians that their faith has been used to justify white supremacy. Writing for NBC’s THINK section, contributor Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove chose Easter Sunday as a time to remember that white supremacists murdered people in Louisiana 145 years ago.

Yikes. What did he say?

“As a white evangelical in this land, I can’t celebrate Easter in 2018 without working to reclaim the concept of redemption from the forces that attempt to use my faith and its founding stories to defend white supremacy,” Wilson-Hartgrove wrote.

Glenn’s take:

We need to be honest about our history and the mistakes of those who came before us. But why is Easter Sunday the right time to focus on evil people who carried out a racist agenda nearly 150 years ago? Would NBC News do the same for the Muslim religion?

“Really?” Glenn asked. “Let’s see what kind of articles will help us think differently when it comes time for Ramadan.”

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