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Netflix explores feature to allow viewers to direct plots of their favorite shows


Netflix is reportedly looking to expand its interactive storytelling offerings, perhaps paving the way for direct viewer input on how the streaming giant's stories unfold.

Netflix's first foray into the interactive technology is already underway in the form of a children's series titled “Kong: King of the Apes,” which was launched in April. Viewers of that show are able to collect "power-ups" by watching episodes, which unlock additional video content once enough of the digital icons have been collected.

The next step is another children's show slated for launch later this year that promises some sort of choose-your-own-adventure format, though details of how Netflix plans to pull the gimmick off remain unclear.

Monday on "Pat & Stu," the hosts compared the new initiative to the alternate endings often present on DVD copies of modern films and imagined how the technology might play out. Stu Burguiere worried that any choices viewers might make would spoil the next plot development, robbing shows of their intrigue and suspense.

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