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Never-Trumpers and Always-Trumpers: Let's be logical


Conservatives have split into two factions: Never-Trumpers and Always-Trumpers. Never-Trumpers detest President Donald Trump, and Always-Trumpers think he walks on water. According to Allie Stuckey in this "Millennial Moment," both extremes are exhibiting irrationality when it comes to the president.

Some Never-Trumpers, she asserted, are worse than liberals with their sensationalized criticism of the president. She asked why they can't give him any credit for the good things he's doing. "You've just decided that you hate him so everything he does is automatically wrong," she said to Never-Trumpers.

Always-Trumpers defend Trump even when he's wrong. Allie wondered how they can praise executive orders that don't do what they say they do, or how they can approve of a spending bill that funds Planned Parenthood and a less than stellar health care plan.

And she pointedly asked "Are you really okay with his tweets?"

In all things, but specifically for this president, "Criticism and praise should be circumstantial, not unconditional."

To see more from Allie, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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