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No wonder taxes are so high in California -- here's how the gov is spending your tax dollars

Glenn Beck

A California State audit revealed the "misuse" of government funds and property by several state employees and agencies. The audit, which took a full year to complete, showed that the employees' misconduct last year cost taxpayers at least $200,000 and included a DMV data operator who slept on the job for at least three hours every day from 2014 and 2017, and a Santa Clara fire department that used state money to build a tiki bar while on duty.

By the way, when the misconduct was uncovered by the audit, the employees in question were simply transferred to other positions where they continue to be paid by the state of California.

"Now let me ask you, in your place of business would you be fired? Of course!" said Glenn on today's show. "This is the difference between the free market and the government. You can suck at your job in the government and keep your job and then retire with benefits."

Watch the clip above to learn more.

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