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Pat and Stu mock feminist website Jezebel's hilarious attempt at an edgy 'Day Without Women' symbol


"A Day Without Women" demonstrations are taking place across the world Wednesday morning, much like the "Day Without Immigrants" that took place last month. School districts and businesses across the country were forced to shut down for the day because of the planned absence of their female employees.

In support of the protests, popular feminist website Jezebel published an article Wednesday morning taking credit for creating a symbol that has been widely used by the protesters. The symbol in question, featuring a line drawing of a uterus with one of the Fallopian tubes transformed into a raised middle finger, was created to accompany an article about why women should be allowed to drink alcohol while pregnant, despite the medical community's dire warnings against the practice.

Wednesday morning on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere mocked this offensive symbol and the movement that inspired it.

"They were discussing how women were taking a strong feminist stand by saying, 'F you' to the CDC about drinking while pregnant," Stu said. "They will not live under your guidelines about staying away from alcohol while pregnant. Darn you! And, you know, if you try to squash a woman's rights by not allowing her to just get plastered in the eight month or the third month or the fifth month or whatever month, then you are a monster and a horrible, horrible violation of women's rights."

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