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‘Phubbing’: Are you guilty of this rude phone habit?


Are you aware that “phubbing” is a problem? A combination of “phone” and “snubbing,” phubbing is when you get distracted from the person you’re with because you’re too busy on your phone.

Phubbing encompasses habits like answering unimportant calls while with your significant other; scrolling through social media feeds while you’re having a conversation; and cutting off conversation to use your phone. This week on “Pat & Stu,” Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher learned about phubbing and debated whether or not they are guilty of it.

While Pat asserted that he is not a “phone guy,” Stu and Jeffy admitted that they are on their phones more than they would like to be. Having a job where you need to follow the news cycle means a lot of time reading news stories and keeping up with emails, Stu noted.

“I feel like I need to be in touch,” Jeffy agreed.

Stu went on a rabbit trail to explain why Snapchat is the worst social media app. Unlike Instagram, Facebook and other platforms, Snapchat doesn’t work as a way to document a family vacation or other memories since the photos disappear.

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