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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addresses the migrant caravan in an unyielding speech


As the migrant caravan moves toward the U.S.-Mexico border, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a strong warning during a news conference Wednesday. Pompeo outlined what will happen should the caravan attempt to cross the U.S. border.

Pat and the guys discussed the inconsistencies Thursday "Pat Gray Unleashed" between the media-created narrative — a heartbreaking story of women and children fleeing a war-torn country to seek asylum in the U.S. — and the reality that is depicted in the images published by the media.

The real story depicts truckloads of able-bodied men who have stated that they will cross the U.S.-Mexico border no matter what.

During his speech, Pompeo addressed TV cameras with a resolute and strong tone when he gave the following statement:

I have spoken twice in the last two days to my counterpart [in Mexico], Foreign Secretary Videgaray. We trust that Mexico's leaders know what the best steps are to resolve this situation and we urge timely action on their part. The United States also has a message for those who are currently part of this caravan or any caravan that follows. You will not be successful at getting into the United States illegally, no matter what. I repeat the caravan will not cross our southern border illegally under any circumstances. If you seek to come here, go through the normal refugee process. If you apply for refugee status, a permanent status is possible in Mexico or in a third country. But I can tell you with certainty that illegal entry into the United States from this caravan will not be possible.

Pat reiterated the part of Pompeo's speech that "this caravan will not be possible," calling it the strongest speech that he has ever heard on the issue.

Click here to watch Pompeo's speech.

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