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Twitter ERUPTS after 69-year-old MAGA grandma goes to prison


But doesn't the left want to abolish 'racist' prisons?

The left revealed its limited mental capacity for logic again. This time, in the form of a celebration for the incarceration of Jan. 6 participants for violating terms of probation. This seems an odd stance considering many on the left want to abolish federal prisons via the BREATHE Act. If federal prisons are racist and should be abolished by the left's standards, why the Jan. 6 witch hunt?

Logic aside, on Thursday, Joe Biden's Justice Department decided to send a 69-year-old grandma to prison for the misdemeanor of trespassing and entering the Capitol building on Jan. 6. While some on Twitter agree that this is shameful to send "MAGA grandma" to prison for 60 days, others believe she should suffer the full 10-year maximum in federal prison.

Today, #LOCKHERUP is trending on Twitter. Here is how the empathy-deprived mess unfolded.

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