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Should employers be required to provide contraception coverage in their health insurance plans?



Earlier this month, the Trump administration moved to amend an Obama-era federal mandate which requires employers to provide insurance coverage for contraception to female employees. Under the new rules, employers can now opt out of covering contraception in their health insurance plans based on religious beliefs or moral convictions. Critics are calling the new initiatives an attack on women’s rights.

Tracy Levinson, author of "Unashamed -- Candid Conversations About Dating, Love, Nakedness and Faith," and Billy Hallowell, Senior Editor at FaithWire, joined guest host, Lawrence Jones to discuss the controversial topic on "Dana."

“There are so many elements to it. It’s far more complicated than the critics are letting on,” said Hallowell, going on to explain that there are religious, economical, and ethical objections to government mandates that require employers to provide contraceptive coverage.

“I was disturbed about this ‘free contraception’ that employers had to pay for, because it also included the morning-after pill,” Tracy added. “This is very controversial. The morning-after pill is, in some people’s mind and conscience, a form of abortion.”

Watch the video clip above to hear the whole discussion.

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