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Socialism conference at 4-star hotel wants to 'overthrow capitalism' at $100 per ticket

Glenn Beck

Self-proclaimed socialists will tell you that real socialism has never been tried. While they're definitely wrong on that point (and socialism has the body count to prove it), it's also pretty certain that socialism isn't best lived out by staying in a 4-star hotel.

But that's how the 2018 Socialism Conference has decided to promote ideas including decolonization, white privilege, radical feminism and other topics from its speakers. Tickets for the conference will cost $100 at the regular rate; $85 at the early bird rate; and half-price ($50) for students.

"The communist comrades can just relax in luxury at one of the three restaurants, a hotel bar, and a to-go cafe," Glenn said sarcastically on today's show, listing the Hyatt Regency's amenities. "All the things that those who are trapped in countries like Venezuela or Cuba can't enjoy."

The event's site boasts that it will bring together "hundreds of socialists and radical activists from around the country to take part in discussions about Marxism, working-class history, and the debates and strategies for organizing today."

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