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Stu's exposé of Garfield: Book by feline's creator includes drugs, mobsters, and murder


How has the orange cartoon cat Garfield spawned an empire of comics, movies and merchandise? Through fear.

Stu Burguiere has the truth about Garfield on “The Wonderful World of Stu” as revealed in a real book about the cartoon character called “Garfield: His 9 Lives” that was published in 1984.

Because cats don’t have more than one life, the title of the book contains the first terrifying fact about Garfield. “This implies that Garfield is in fact a cat zombie,” Stu explained.

The cat that we now know as a grumpy, fat misanthrope was once a private investigator named Sam Spayed who dressed like a mobster. According to the book, Garfield has died in various violent ways. In one of his lives, Garfield goes on a drug trip and is taken over by the violent spirit of another cat, ultimately murdering his kindly owner.

Stu explained his horrifying discovery:

“And that is how I found out that America’s favorite flabby orange tabby is a ruthless, deranged grandma-killer.”

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