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Superbowl champion Chad Hennings: Men have been 'emasculated or effeminized' in our culture


Former Dallas Cowboy and three-time Superbowl Champion, Chad Hennings joined Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere on “Pat & Stu” today to talk about leadership, family, and the role men play in our modern culture. Hennings, who is also an Air Force Fighter Pilot and author of three motivational books, believes that the keys to living a successful life are found through education, marriage, and family.

Studies have shown that societies without a common moral foundation have higher suicide rates and “a decrease in happiness,” explained Hennings. He went on to say, “The number two leading cause of death in millennials is suicide, because they don’t know who they are, they don’t know who they’re supposed to be.” Hennings blames our cultural demasculinization of men, saying that men need to be able to “step up to that role, to be the husband, to be the father that in this country, we need men to be.”

“That’s so important,” agreed Pat. “While this was always said to be a man’s world, it’s almost flipped around on its head now. Men have been reviled, belittled, made to feel like they’re not significant, or relevant even." He added, "If we don't fix that, I think society is in for a really rough time.”

“Do you believe that the traditional role of the family, the nuclear family … is that necessary in today’s world?” Stu asked of Hennings.

“I don’t think you can over state that enough,” Hennings answered.

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