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Survey finds millennials don't know what the Holocaust is

Pat Gray Unleashed

The Holocaust is fading from American memory a survey released on Holocaust Remembrance day has found. What was most troubling about the findings is what little millennials know about Auschwitz, Adolf Hitler, and how many lives were lost during the genocide.

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany conducted the survey in February and consisted of 1,350 American adults.

Here are the findings: 

  • 41 percent of American adults can't identify Auschwitz; 66 percent of millennials between 18-34 can't identify Auschwitz.
  • 31 percent of American adults think 2 million or fewer Jews were killed during the Holocaust; 41 percent of millennials think 2 million of fewer were killed. That number is 6 million.
  • 61 percent of Americans do not know Adolf Hitler was democratically elected.
  • 80 percent of Americans have never visited a Holocaust museum.
  • 96 percent said they believe it happened.
  • 93 percent agree it should be taught in school.

"In addition, a significant majority of American adults believe that fewer people care about the Holocaust today than they used to, and more than half of Americans believe that the Holocaust could happen again," the survey said.

On Wednesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat said these findings were beyond sad.

See the clip above. 

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