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The bombshell story that never was – how the NY Times screwed up a federal climate report

Pat and Stu

Another hit piece on the president backfired miserably. The New York Times suffered an embarrassing flub after they misreported on a “new” government report. The report in question was thought to have been leaked to the New York Times by a fearful scientist who thought the president would suppress the information within the report concerning global warming.

It turns out the report was never leaked and had been online since January – long before the New York Times ran the article. It was celebrated by the Left until the New York Times realized the major mistake and issued a correction.

Here’s what the New York Times had to say:

“An article on Tuesday about a sweeping federal climate change report referred incorrectly to the availability of the report. While it was not widely publicized, the report was uploaded by the nonprofit Internet Archive in January; it was not first made public by The New York Times.”

“That’s terrible reporting,” said Pat Gray about the deliberate hit piece on President Trump.

“One of the most entertaining things you can do in the media is to pull up the New York Times corrections every day,” said Stu Burguiere. “Some of them are just completely bizarre, and they’re really funny to read. Others are like this where they kind of ruin a story and completely dissolve everything they were trying to accomplish with it.”

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