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The fallout of social media shaming can be catastrophic

Glenn Beck

Author Jon Ronson joins The Glenn Beck Radio Program to discuss the effects of being shamed on social media. In preparation for his 2015 book, "So You've Been Publicly Shamed," John interviewed Justine Sacco, whose infamous 2013 tweet about HIV in Africa was perceived as racist and led to a backlash that utterly derailed her career and personal life. John explains the mindset and motivations behind similar social media-fueled public shaming episodes.

"Her shaming was a shaming that the whole world could get behind," Jon explains. "So philanthropists started shaming her and tweeting things like, 'In the light of this disgusting joke, I am donating to aid to Africa.' And then trolls started going after her, saying, 'Somebody HIV-positive should rape her, and then we'll find out if her skin color protects her from AIDS.' Of course nobody went after that person."

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