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This university is considering turning you into soil to nourish trees when you die


Washington State University is piggybacking off an idea that originated in Italy which involves turning human remains into soil rich in nutrients that can nourish gardens and trees after you die.

According to Canyouactually.com, Capsula Mundi, a design project based in Italy, created biodegradable burial pods a few years ago that transform the body of the deceased into nutrients via a biodegradable pod which then feeds a growing tree. The Urban Death Project at Washington State is pushing for something very similar.

The university hopes to offer an alternative method for decomposing humans and is seeking the necessary licenses and approvals to test the equipment on campus. The university is already converting animal carcasses into compost, so why not humans?

How would you feel about turning into a tree when you die? Do you still prefer the old method?

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