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Tony Perkins: The Gaines are 'simply living out their faith the way Christians' should


Tony Perkins joins Dana to discuss the Gaines's grace and the turmoil Buzzfeed has sent towards this family for something they didn't even do. Eighteen months ago the courts redefined marriage the Sunday following, the Gaines Pastor spoke out about the event. Almost 18 months later Buzzfeed goes after the couple who has a very popular reality tv show and tries to connect them to something that their Pastor preached. Buzzfeed is attempting to marginalize and stigmatize people who believe in the Bible.

"We're not ashamed of what we'd say, we say it in the daylight we believe these things we believe the Bible," Tony said. "That's what I think is attractive to so many people about this couple, is they're simply living out their faith the way Christians are supposed to."

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