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Tracy: Here's why you're only as good as your 5 best friends


The people you surround yourself with -- your community -- help create the story of your life. Your friends at church, work, and your preferred activities define the parameters of your character and your memories later on. They can be warm, loving, and joyful if you want them to be.

"DOCK 2's" Tracy Levinson had a chat with millennial friend Danielle Doty on how to make friends upon leaving college. Your closest friends are the ones that you trust and tell everything to, so she advised young, unmarried people seeking community to go anywhere that has the type of people you want to be surrounded with.

Church might offer an environment for meaningful conversations and connections, as opposed to a bar, where you might not even remember if you had fun or not.

"Find out what's important to you," she said, and you will meet and befriend people who share your same interests and values.

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