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Tracy: Perfect parenting isn't possible; let God lighten the load


Best-selling author and host of TheBlaze’s "DOCK 2" Tracy Levinson was invited by Pastor Jeremy White as guest speaker on Mother’s Day to Valley Church in Vacaville, California. Parenting is not for the faint of heart, but in 35 minutes, Tracy winsomely uncovered the liberating truth for parents through the Biblical lens of a loving God.

After she and her husband became Christians, Tracy decided to quit trying to be the perfect mom. Instead of following a set of rules, she asked God what she brought to the table.

Two things popped into her mind immediately: she was good at dramatic arts, and she was excited by her faith. She felt He used these unique characteristics inside her to help her be a better mom than she was before, not a perfect mom. God will fill in our gaps.

Being guided by scripture and through prayer allows parents to set boundaries with love. They can explain to children that they don't feel comfortable with decisions they've made or friends they would like to spend time with, giving a "no" with tenderness. They can help kids learn to control their own behavior and remind those we love what is lovable about them.

She acted out a story of three trees to encourage, enlighten and delight as she brought a graceful, yet fresh perspective on the awesome responsibility of raising kids in this culture. One tree in particular might just surprise you.

Pastor Jeremy White said after her talk:

"Tracy Levinson is a rare combination of practical wisdom, spiritual insight, personal warmth and genuine fun. Hosting her for a weekend at Valley Church in Northern California was a wonderful experience, and I can't recommend her speaking and writing highly enough. In a day when many people are skeptical about spiritual leaders and "God stuff" in general, Tracy cuts through the fog and puts you at ease, inviting you to ask tough questions and expect honest answers. If you're looking for a bold, yet humble voice that will help you grow in your own faith journey, I encourage you to listen closely to what Tracy has to say!"

To see more from Tracy, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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