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Turkey's 'Great Fire of Smyrna' provides sobering reminder of Christian persecution

The Root

Glenn Beck recounts the story of the Great Fire of Smyrna in September 1922 and the efforts of the Turkish government to cover up their role in both the blaze and the massacre of tens of thousands of Turkish Christians.

Following the end of the Greco-Turkish war, Turkish Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Kemal sought to purge Greek and Armenian residents from their former stronghold in Smyrna. As the last of the Greek troops evacuated by ship, Turkish soldiers turned their attention to the now-defenseless residents of Smyrna's Christian neighborhoods, and the vengeful Turks burned, looted and raped their way through the city.

"With nothing standing in their way, Turkish soldiers marched undeterred, straight into the Armenian and Greek sections of the city," Glenn explains. "It was a gruesome scene. Men, women, children — none were spared."

Glenn then shares reflections on the fire from Ernest Hemingway, who happened to be aboard a ship that was moored in the Smyrna harbor during the conflagration.

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