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Twitter unhappy about ‘Dunkirk’ being historically ... accurate?

Pat and Stu

Christopher Nolan’s latest film, “Dunkirk,” is getting some flack on social media for starring white actors – even though that just makes the World War II film historically accurate.

“Dunkirk,” which is slated for a July 21 release, features Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Jack Lowden, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. Based on true events, “Dunkirk” is the story of Allied soldiers from Britain, Belgium, Canada, and France who were surrounded by the German Army and were evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk in June 1940.

Some Twitter users weren’t thrilled about the upcoming film and decided to express their annoyance at the actors. “Dunkirk: more proof Hollywood will never run out of movies about white guys doing stuff in WWII,” one user tweeted.

This week on “Pat & Stu,” Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher talked about the movie and why people need to stop policing directors and their casts.

“It was actually white people who did it at the time, and it’s white people who do it in the movie,” Pat explained the simple reason that “Dunkirk” has white actors.

“You know, Pat, you keep bringing this up like it matters,” Stu joked. “The issue here is … when you make history, this is your opportunity to right that wrong.”

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