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Unarmed Londoners had to fight terrorists with batons and chairs

Glenn Beck

The attackers who killed pedestrians and stabbed and injured people enjoying London’s Borough Market were reportedly shot dead within 8 minutes. On Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Mike Broomhead wondered how long it would have taken American police, the crucial difference being that London police are unarmed.

“That seems so strange in America,” Mike said.

One brave British Transport Police officer is in the hospital recovering from stab wounds to the face, head and leg after he took on all three terrorist attackers armed with no more than a baton, The Independent reported. Another officer, who was off duty at the time, took on the suspects with his bare hands and sustained critical injuries.

Gun laws are extremely strict in Great Britain, resulting in an unarmed police force and citizens who can’t carry and be ready to defend themselves in dangerous situations. When the attackers left their van after running over pedestrians and started stabbing people in Borough Market, London residents were forced to use chairs and pint glasses to defend themselves.

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