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US adults were asked if the Ten Commandments still matter. Here's what they said.


Do the Ten Commandments still matter in our everyday lives?

A new survey asked U.S. adults which of the Ten Commandments are "still important principles to live by." Most people easily agreed that we shouldn't kill people or steal, with 94 percent agreeing that the commandments against murder and theft are important. Least valued was the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy; just 49 percent of respondents agreed that it was important.

On today's show, Glenn and Stu talked about this survey and what it reveals about U.S. culture. Glenn wondered about the 6 percent of people who can't say they believe that "you shall not murder" is an important principle to live by.

"If they don't know ... avoid them," he joked.

Listen to the full segment here to learn about the surprising gap between the U.S. and the U.K. when it comes to the Ten Commandments:

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