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VICE opinion slams ‘SNL’ for Trump jokes that are ‘unfunny, elitist propaganda’


What happened?

A VICE opinion piece took “Saturday Night Live” to task over its cold opens, the sketches that start the show each week and have been consistently political during the era of Trump.

Ooh. What did VICE say?

“Your cold opens are terrible, cringeworthy pieces of self-satisfied liberal propaganda that are sometimes so bad they seem like parodies of themselves,” writer Harry Cheadle said in the piece.

Cheadle slammed “SNL” for using “tired references to current events” as jokes in and of themselves and not bothering to craft real comedy. The opening political sketches are “nothing but anti-Trump vitriol” that “isn’t even intelligent vitriol,” he wrote.

What example did he use?

On today’s show, Glenn and Stu played the clip of the sketch that Cheadle mentioned: last weekend’s cold open with the real Stormy Daniels as herself and Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen. Once you get past the novelty of Daniels, there isn’t much to the sketch.

“There aren’t any jokes in that sketch,” Stu said. “The joke is the person they’re talking about is on the screen. That’s not a joke.”

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