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WaPo highlights $2.6M cost of 'white-supremacist rally' — but barely mentions Antifa. Here's why.


In the aftermath of last weekend's "Unite the Right" rally, the Washington Post ran the headline, "White-supremacist rally cost D.C. at least $2.6 million, preliminary estimate shows."

On Thursday’s episode of “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck called out WaPo's intentionally misleading headline, noting that the real culprits behind the violence, and associated price tag, were the counter-protesters, many of whom were affiliated with Antifa and other far-left groups.

"When newspapers were newspapers, they didn't have to worry about clickability, so they could maybe have a little more truth in their headline," Glenn said.

The truth is that only a scant 24 white supremacist actually showed up at the rally, compared to the thousands of counter-protesters.

"Not to defend the white-supremacist low-lifes who did show up, but apparently they were peaceful. It was the hundreds of Antifa members who actually skirmished with police — because there were only 24 losers!" Glenn said.

He said the media doesn't want people to know how dangerous Antifa is, and they consider the leftist fringe group to be "the good guys" because of their anti-Trump rhetoric.

"The reality is — and the misleading part of the headline is — that the bulk of the police effort and expense didn’t have to focus on the puny pathetic racist rally," he continued. "They had to focus on keeping the anarchist thugs in ninja suits from tearing up and burning down the city. And that is your headline."

Watch the video clip above to hear the story straight from Glenn.

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