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Washington state considers deregulating certain occupations, including 'horse floaters

Pat and Stu

Tuesday on "Pat & Stu," the guys commented on a report from the state of Washington that state legislators are considering eliminating licensing requirements for certain occupations and replacing the licenses with a government-run portal that allows consumers to review and comment on individual service providers' performance. The legislation, known as HB 1361, and introduced in January by Representative Matt Manweller, would target seven occupations that do not involve public safety concerns, including animal massage practitioners, auctioneers, boxing announcers, fishing guides, landscape architects, manicurists and horse floaters.

The latter profession left Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere dumbfounded, as they had difficulty imagining what services a horse floater might perform. As our more agriculturally-experienced readers are no doubt aware, a horse floater is another name for an equine dental technician, who maintains the teeth of horses and similar animals.

"Now what the hell is a horse floater?" Burguiere asked incredulously. "I will say, it sounds like something that would be on one of Jeffy's sites."

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