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Watch: Bernie Sanders raves over Canadian health care – but here are the facts


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) praised Canada’s universal health care system at a sold-out event last month at the University of Toronto while advocating for his Medicare for All bill.

"There is so much to be learned and we will take back what we learned here and what we learned about the Canadian healthcare system to the United States Congress and to the American people,” Sanders said, asserting that Canada covers people for just half of what the U.S. spends on health care.

On today’s show, Doc analyzed some of the “facts” listed by Sanders and put them into context. Watch the clip (above) for the real story on Canada’s health care system:

  • Wait times for care are at an all-time high
  • 1 million Canadians are on lists awaiting medical procedures
  • Canadians are increasingly leaving the country for medical care

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