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Watch: Cosmopolitan says letting your kid wear this Halloween costume is racist


Progressives can’t stop trying to ruin Halloween. Now, Cosmopolitan is claiming that letting your little girl dress up as the title character in Disney’s “Moana” is racist if she isn’t the right color.

The article references a mom who is afraid that letting her white daughter dress up as Elsa from “Frozen” is glorifying white privilege and that allowing her to be Moana is cultural appropriation. Political correctness has made it ridiculously hard to let your kids have fun and get imaginative while playing dress up.

“If your kid wears a racist costume … you're kind of wearing it too,” Cosmo said.

On today’s show, Kal was the “Moana” expert given how many times his young daughter has demanded to watch it. He thought the idea that only little girls of Polynesian descent should be allowed to dress up as Moana was ridiculous and the opposite of the female empowerment message the movie is promoting.

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