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Video: Free speech is under attack, 'As soon as we lose free speech, we lose everything


Dana Loesch sits down with singer-songwriter, Joy Villa, the artist who made jaws drop when she wore a pro-Trump dress to the Grammys, and Kaya Jones, formerly of the Pussycat Dolls and fellow outspoken Trump-supporter, to talk about hurricane disaster relief, racism, and the freedom of speech.

Both singers have experienced heavy backlash and censorship as a result of voicing their pro-Trump and pro-America views. “I haven’t really seen two people who have had their expressions stifled, [as much ] as you two ladies have had, simply because you came out for what you believe in,” said Dana. “Are you concerned with the direction our country is going with regard to [free] speech?”

“I’m appalled actually because free speech is no longer free when you can’t say ‘I support the president’ [or] ‘I want to make America great again,’” answered Joy. She went on to add, “You know, a kid got thrown out of class because the teacher said ‘you can’t wear that shirt, it’s the same thing as a swastika.’ He simply had a shirt that said ‘Make America great again,’ … We shouldn’t be so suppressed that we can’t even say, ‘I want to make America great again. I want to back our president. I want to stand up for what’s right for American values.’ As soon as we lose free speech, we lose everything. It is a fight for free speech, and we cannot stop that fight. Artists, speakers, media: we must stand up to it. We must keep speaking about it. Otherwise, it goes away. We’ll look around, and it’s gone.”

“If you remove the people that are the artists, the poets, the freethinkers, the ones that are going to ask questions or make original thought happen, it’s because you are trying to control the narrative … that’s oppression of the highest order,” said Kaya. “We have to keep speaking, we have to.”

Watch this video clip from "Dana" to get the full story.

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