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WATCH: Jim Acosta abused his privilege as CNN White House correspondent for the last time

Pat Gray Unleashed

On Thursday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat played a few video clips of Jim Acosta, who secured a spot on Pat's list of daily topics when he decided to go all in in his crusade against President Donald Trump at a White House news conference.

What happened?

During Wednesday's White House news conference, of the many things that could have been lacking, a dull moment was not one of them. The press pool made sure of it.

Arguably, the most notable moment came when  Acosta began badgering the president over whether he considers the migrant caravan that has been moving through Mexico toward the United States southern border an invasion.

Acosta: "Mr, President, I want to challenge you on one of the statements that you made at the tail-end of the campaign in the midterms, that this caravan was an invasion."

Trump: "I consider it to be an invasion."

Acosta: "As you know Mr. President the caravan was not an invasion, it's a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S. ... and why did you characterize it as such?"

Trump: "Because I consider it an invasion. You and I have a difference of opinion."

What happened next?

Pat paused the video to point out that Acosta was definitely trying to ask Trump a series of "gotcha" questions but the president was not taking the bait. Trump exhibited quite a bit of tolerance, at first, answering several of Acosta's questions despite his combative tone.

Eventually, Trump elected to put an end to the reporter's disruptive behavior and told him to "sit down."

Acosta ignored the president and continued to fire off question after question about the migrant caravan. Trump sent a female staffer to retrieve the microphone from the reporter's tightly clenched fist.

Acosta reached the point of no return when he blocked the staffer from taking the microphone.  The intern was a young woman who was simply trying to do her job — pass the microphone to the next reporter — but she was met with resistance when Acosta  prevented her from doing her job.

Acosta switched up his line of questioning and began to press the president about the Russia investigation but Trump was done.

What did Acosta accomplish?

The White House later suspended Acosta's press credentials.

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