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Watch: Matt Walsh discusses transgenderism: 'It's a religious dogma

Watch: Matt Walsh discusses transgenderism: 'It's a religious dogma

Matt Walsh, a leading conservative voice and columnist for TheBlaze, joined Pat Gray to discuss some of his no-holds-barred columns. Matt writes on an array of topics that includes abortion, marriage, church, racism, and the erosion of American culture perpetuated by the Left. His latest, titled "Dear churches, you're killing yourselves and this is how," argues that Christianity in America is hollow.

Today, Pat and Matt discussed how transgenderism, same-sex marriage, Liberalism, and failures of the church affect society.

"It's amazing to see how fast things have changed in our society," said Pat. "Yesterday we were talking quite a bit about transgenderism and how that has just exploded in the past year. What are your thoughts on what's happening with that and this pronoun battle, and all of the things we're expected to tolerate?"

"Yeah, well it's just utter madness is what it is. It's craziness. It's total insanity and I think we have to call it that. I think to even try to take into account people's feelings and the way we address this -- so maybe we don't want to come out and say, 'Well, it's crazy' -- I think to even do that contributes to the problem. Because we all know -- everyone in here knows -- that it's crazy. The idea that someone with male genitalia can be a woman is a crazy idea. It doesn't make any sense," said Matt.

Matt went on to discuss the rapid cultural decay taking place and how the sudden sexual identity crises we seem to be witnessing more frequently is based on emotion and insanity rather than science or reason.

"And yet, we're the ones who are continually being accused of being science deniers, yet a man who has male body parts can identify as a woman and they don't have a problem with that? It's amazing," said Pat.

"We cannot tolerate that having that thrown at us, the science denier thing because we're talking about people who believe that about men and women. They believe men can get pregnant and they also believe that what's in the womb -- even though it was conceived by humans -- that the being in the womb is not a human being. So, men can conceive and bear in their womb non-human life forms that magically becomes human when they emerge from the male birth canal and that's science to them ... it's madness. It's insanity," said Matt.

"It's a religion. It's a superstition. It's got no bearing."

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