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WATCH: Obama's Border Patrol used tear gas on migrants. The media thanked, congratulated them.

WATCH: Obama's Border Patrol used tear gas on migrants. The media thanked, congratulated them.

Over the weekend, leftist politicians, celebrities, and media personalities jumped at the chance to attack the Trump administration after tear-gas was used to stop migrants attempting to enter the United States illegally at the border in Tijuana.

But where was all the liberal outrage during the Obama administration when Border Patrol agents regularly used tear-gas -- and worse -- against groups of migrants at the border?

On Tuesday's show, Glenn Beck shared a CBS news clip from 2013 in which reporters thanked and congratulated Border Patrol agents who subdued the rock-throwing crowd with pepper spray.

"Fortunately, cool heads by agents prevails and there was no lethal force used," gushed one reporter.

Glenn compared the coverage of the 2013 border clash -- which was only one of many during the Obama administration -- to that of last weekend's outraged, Trump-bashing coverage.

"November 27, 2013, almost the exact same day 5 years ago, one hundred migrants rushed the exact same point of entry. And the Border Guard under Obama reacted the exact same way, except it was a hundred not a thousand. Did anyone see this in the national news?" asked Glenn.

"In fact, the Border Control that was so 'under control and cool-headed' under Obama ... used more than just tear gas, they also used pepperballs," he continued. "[During] the years 2010 to 2012, Obama's first term, the Border Patrol filed 1600 'use of force' reports. A large majority used non-lethal weapons such as tear gas. [This double standard is] so similar to the way the media and the left didn't care about the separation of the migrant families or the detention of unaccompanied minors when it was happening under Obama's watch."

Watch the video clip at the top of the page to hear more from Glenn.

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