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Watch: Should we be taking advice from a 12-year-old on gun control?

Doc Thompson

During yesterday's National School Walkout Day, an NBC corespondent asked a 12 year-old student if he thinks he has the power to make a change on gun control laws.

"By myself, I don't think I have the power. But together with all these people here, I think we can make a change," replied the student, who said he was marching for, "Gun control and for Congress to step it up and protect our teenagers and our kids and our students from stuff like that, like stuff that happened in Parkland and in Sandy Hook."

On"The Morning Blaze" today, Doc Thompson and Kris Cruz discuss the idea of just letting kids run the country. "You know what? Let's stop voting altogether. Let's say you can only vote until you're 18, how bout that?" said a very sarcastic Doc.

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