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Where are the celebrities and leftists who praised Venezuela's descent into socialism now?

Glenn Beck

Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolás Maduro, is under fire after videos of him enjoying a $275 steak, personally served to him by celebrity chef “Salt Bae,” went viral -- while his country is literally starving.

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn and Stu Burguiere reacted to the brutal dictator's latest tone-deaf move.

They also recalled when celebrities such as Sean Penn, Micheal Moore, and Danny Glover, as well as the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, praised Venezuela's socialist government as the solution to all of the country's, perhaps even the "wide world's" problems. Unsurprisingly, all have now gone radio-silent on the matter.

"These people were telling us that [Venezuela's socialist regime] is the future, and that our experiment was failing compared to theirs. And it was a very common conception," said Stu.

Glenn and Stu played an audio montage of various left-wing cheerleaders for Venezuela's socialist regime, followed by a funny clip from Parks and Recreation about a delegation of condescending Venezuelan government officials.

Watch the video above to catch the conversation and watch the Parks and Rec clip.

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