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Will assaulting a reporter the day before a special election help or hurt this candidate?

Glenn Beck

At a campaign event in Bozeman, Montana, Wednesday evening, candidate Greg Gianforte got physical and body-slammed a reporter. Gianforte is running in a special election set to take place today to replace Congressman Ryan Zinke (R) who joined President Donald Trump’s administration as the Secretary of the Interior. Prior to this occurrence polling showed a tight race, but Gianforte now facing assault charges will likely have an impact on how the election turns out.

On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" today, the guys discussed the event and noted particularly that Ben Jacobs, reporter for The Guardian, was asking him a question about a newly released Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act. Gianforte had promised to address the report as soon as it was released, but being asked about appears to have been what set him off, and the entire interaction was captured by Jacobs' audio recorder.

Using the 2016 Presidential election results to attempt to guess the mood of the voters, Pat Gray wondered, "In Montana Trump won by 20 points, and so part of his message at least connected, and is it the part where they're sick and tired of the media and so maybe this even helps Gianforte? I don't know."

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