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Yankees pitcher deletes Twitter account after 'racist' tweet from six years ago resurface


New York Yankees pitcher Sonny Gray deleted his Twitter account after he was pulled from the mound following a poor outing in Wednesday's game against the Baltimore Orioles. The account was deleted after a questionable 6-year-old tweet resurfaced.

The tweet came in the middle of a conversation between Gray and a friend whose Twitter handle is @Sir_Peanut.

What did the tweet say?

The tweet said, "1. You didn't go to college. 2. You are black. #followdaleaderleaderleader clap clap clap."

Gray defended the tweet by saying it was an inside joke between him and one of his friends, former minor league teammate Rashun Dixon.

One person lightheartedly replied, "I guess somebody told Sonny Gray that some old racist tweets have been unearthed so naturally he deleted his twitter account...LOL #Yankees."

On Thursday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat Gray railed on the mob mentality on social media currently.

"People are always looking to dig up stuff from the past," Pat said. "I don't know why anyone who has ever tweeted anything negative doesn't just delete their account."

See the clip above.

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