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Wilkow: Hey Democrats, we don’t owe illegal immigrants a PENNY


'Americans are actually on the bottom rung in their own country'

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Democrats have been putting the needs of illegal immigrants ahead of tax-paying American citizens for years. Even now, as our economy falters under trillions of dollars in debt and record-high unemployment, Democratic leaders are pushing hard to give more and more stimulus money to undocumented immigrants impacted by the coronavirus.

In this episode of "Wilkow," BlazeTV host Andrew Wilkow argued that American citizens don't owe a thing to those who choose to cross our border illegally. If anyone is going to benefit from government aid, it should be the millions of American citizens who lost their businesses due to the economic shutdown.

"With fires raging, debt soaring, and millions unemployed, the Democrats still want to hand out millions upon millions to illegal aliens, while law-abiding American citizens suffer," Wilkow said.

"By handing out free taxpayer money to people we know are in the country illegally, is to place the noncitizen above the citizen. When the noncitizen has the ability to break the law with the blessing of those in government — and get paid for it — the actually citizen is inferior. If the citizen must follow all of the laws, only to have his or her income taxed to pay off the illegal immigrant, then Americans are actually on the bottom rung in their own country," he added. "This is not only wrong, it's unconstitutional ... as I've said before, we aren't citizens of the world, we are American citizens, and we owe nothing to those who choose to cross our border illegally."

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