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Horowitz: When conservatives can’t even guarantee Second Amendment protection in Oklahoma
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Horowitz: When conservatives can’t even guarantee Second Amendment protection in Oklahoma ...

Republican supermajorities are not conservative supermajorities

When Donald Trump became president and it was widely assumed that there would be a crackdown on illegal immigration, Democrats swiftly moved to create a sanctuary for illegal aliens in every state they fully controlled. Well, if Democrats could create a sanctuary for people who have no right to be in the country, most certainly one would expect Republicans to create sanctuaries for Americans and constitutional rights in the states they control, right?

Think again.

Following this election in Oklahoma, Republicans will hold an 82-19 majority in the state House and a 39-9 majority in the Senate. Those are greater supermajorities than what Democrats hold in California. One would think that this state would be a sanctuary for freedom during coronavirus fascism, for self-defense during the era of BLM and gun confiscation, and all-around fiscal and social conservatism in an era of ubiquitous socialism and cultural Marxism. The problem with that assumption, though, is that conservatives don't really have any majority, much less a supermajority. Liberal Republicans, who, by and large, are the less attractive side of the tyranny coin from the Democrats, are the ones who hold that majority.

In the days following the election, News 9 reported that Oklahoma state Sen. Nathan Dahm is drafting legislation to make the Sooner State a sanctuary from any potential unconstitutional violations of the First and Second Amendments in pursuit of a gun control agenda under a Joe Biden administration.

"A lot of how the feds try to implement these things is through local law enforcement, whether it's county sheriffs, local police departments, and they try to attach funding to that to force those cities and counties to do that," Dahm told News 9 in explaining the logic behind his proposal. "So what we could do is make sure that those cities and counties don't accept any federal funding to implement any gun control measures."

So why hasn't this bill become law, given the GOP's dominance in the legislature and the fact that such legislation has already been introduced in some form for several years?

"The Republicans have killed it in the state Senate each time," said Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, in an interview with Personal Defense World. "The Republicans are the problem of why you cannot get pro-Second Amendment legislation done in the state of Oklahoma. We have a supermajority in the Senate, a supermajority in the House and we have the Governor's office, so there is no one else to blame."

Across the country, Republicans are disenfranchising conservatives on nearly every issue of our time. If illegal aliens have states where they can go and claim sanctuary, why can't Americans find a constitutional sanctuary against gun-grabbing and coronavirus fascism in any state?

What about morals and values? Despite Republicans controlling the trifecta of government in Oklahoma, conservatives have failed for years to pass meaningful legislation protecting life for the unborn. The only successful measures they seem to pass are jailbreak provisions to weaken sentencing and deterrent for criminals.

Obviously, issues pertaining to foreign policy and national security are controlled by the federal government. But for conservatives, if they actually had a party representing them, there is no reason why they couldn't enjoy a sanctuary from coronavirus fascism, gun-grabbing, and violent crime and rioting in a substantial portion of the country. Trump likely won over 80% of the nation's counties, and Republicans control the trifecta of government in 24 states. So why is it that there seems to be no place that is an asylum for civil and religious liberty as well as for law and order? Because we refuse to look beyond the wretched Republican Party for our representation.

Putting aside the obvious election fraud for a moment, let's just say Trump lost the election. The reason why the base refuses to let go of Trump is because they don't see anyone else in the party fighting for them. Everyone is focused like a laser beam on the Senate elections in Georgia as if the world hangs in the balance based on their outcome. But we all know that the Left will continue to enact its policies administratively (as they are successfully doing now in the states even under Trump) and Republicans will do nothing meaningful with control of the Senate to stop that through budget fights.

Again, just look at all the states where Republicans hold supermajorities – and we still have tyranny. Why should a slim RINO majority in the Senate matter at all if Republicans already have robust majorities on the state level and refuse to govern in accordance with constitutional values? If 82-19 majorities are not enough for us to acquire our own version of California, it is quite evident that there is nothing worth salvaging in this party.

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