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A leftist governor ... in Wyoming?
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A leftist governor ... in Wyoming?

Sadly, Mark Gordon was just re-elected with only token opposition in the primary, so Wyoming conservatives must wait another three years to turn the state red.

What if you found a place on earth where you wouldn’t have to live in 15-minute cities eating bugs, owning nothing, facing roving bands of illegal aliens and criminals — and you were happy? You’d probably want to escape to a place like Wyoming, which gave the Republican presidential nominee the largest margin of victory in recent elections. It’s a place of abundance — land, resources, energy, and freedom. It’s the last place in the world you’d expect the officious tentacles of Agenda 2030, right?

Well, if Governor Mark Gordon has his way, Wyoming will look like the same green dystopia as California. How does this guy keep getting re-elected?

Last week, amid Harvard’s enthusiastic embrace of Hamas, Gordon made it a priority to deliver a speech on “carbon-negative” and promote the grift of carbon capture, solar, and wind energy before the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. “It is clear that we have a warming climate,” Gordon said in accepting the core premise undergirding our return to the Stone Age. “It is clear that carbon dioxide is a major contributor to that challenge. There is an urgency to addressing this issue.”

This statement alone should be disqualifying for any red-state official. It is the “safe and effective” of energy policy. Once you cede the false premise that carbon is a problem, you have lost the battle for our freedom and prosperity.

While Gordon touted an “all-of-the-above approach,” that simply means he will continue to allow federally funded green energy to box out natural fuels, which are bombarded with headwinds by our government. Gordon believes in greasing the skids for the transition away from workable energy to scarcity and poverty.

“Wyoming is the first [state] that has said that we will be carbon-negative,” Gordon bragged. He might claim to want to reach that goal through impractical “carbon capture,” but as a practical matter, to embrace carbon neutrality or negativity is to consign us to poverty and scarcity and play right into the hands of the far left.

While Gordon has been subtler than most governors about his green scam, he has been a thorn in the side of conservatives trying to restore the free market. This past session, he vetoed a bill to extend a moratorium on private wind energy companies’ ability to use eminent domain to condemn land in Wyoming. America’s beautiful rural landscape is now dotted with disgusting-looking wind farms that are as ineffective as they are environmentally hazardous. In his veto message, Gordon appealed to the same “all-of-the-above” energy approach, which means special favors and handouts to green globalist grifters.

In addition, Gordon currently leads the Western Governors Association’s “Decarbonizing the West” initiative, a radically dystopian effort that poses the greatest threat to our way of life compared to almost any other demonic idea in the arsenal of the globalist left. How Gordon continues to maintain support in Wyoming speaks to the failure of Republican Party to police its own.

It's truly shocking how left-wing Republicans can hoodwink red-state voters into supporting them by running on a phantom agenda they have opposed for their entire careers. Even as Gordon was running as a Republican for state treasurer last decade, he sat on the board of the Wyoming Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, a left-wing environmental group pushing a ban on carbon.

It’s funny how Gordon is not such a big proponent of conservation when it comes to consuming so much land with windmills and useless carbon capture pipelines. As Robert Bryce has observed, for carbon capture to achieve its goals, “We would need to find an underground location (or locations) able to swallow a volume equal to the contents of 41 oil supertankers each day, 365 days a year.”

The Wyoming House Freedom Caucus, which has often clashed with the governor on a myriad of fiscal and social policies, was livid about the Harvard climate speech.

“Frankly, I was embarrassed,” caucus Chairman John Bear (R) told Fox News Digital. “I was embarrassed that our chief executive would go to a pro-Hamas, pro-China school and appease an anti-fossil fuel crowd. I was embarrassed that someone who campaigned as a conservative is ready to close the coffin on coal, oil, and gas in his state. He has given in to the AOC and Al Gore hysteria that is, in fact, disputed science.”

“At a time when Western governors should be embracing the idea of energy independence and pushing back on the anti-American Biden agenda, I think he should be taking us a different direction,” Bear added. “We can't afford to give an inch to the anti-fossil-fuel crowd and their utopian view of green energy. Mark Gordon needs to explain to the people of Wyoming why he's selling our economy and our livelihoods down the liberal river.”

Red states are the key to blocking the Agenda 2030 war on the American way of life. With most of the land mass and natural resources reserved to red states, if states like Wyoming would merely reject the global warming agenda and the Green New Deal, Joe Biden’s dream of reverting our economy to the Stone Age would sputter and die. Sadly, Gordon was just re-elected with only token opposition in the primary, so Wyoming conservatives must wait another three years to turn the state red.

The Harvard speech is the embodiment of the disconnect between the people of red states and their governance. Gordon is a man who campaigned as a lifelong conservative but then opposed a modest bill to ban men from participating in women’s sports. Gordon called the proposal “draconian and discriminatory,” a sentiment he never felt when he zealously promoted COVID fascism and mask mandates in what should have been a free state. Grace Smith, a 16-year-old Laramie school student, was handcuffed for not wearing a mask in the fall of 2021, 18 months after the lie of “mask science” was exposed. Who needs California when you have Mark Gordon’s Wyoming?

Indeed, the far left is not content to be relegated to the coasts of America. While leftistss use the Democratic Party to remake blue America, they can always count on the Republican Party to colonize the heartland for them for free — without the ability to even hold them accountable because it’s a “one-party” state.

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